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Social media is now emerging as an essential part of any promotional strategy and different platforms are constantly being used in creative ways to generate a buzz and to keep the consumers’ interest alive. The advent of internet has changed the way information on films/product is delivered. In the recent years, convergence and cross platform marketing activities are increasingly becoming the norm in India. This social media promotion is more cost effective means to promote compared to the traditional promotions.

Animesh Ganguly (Director)

Soumya Sarkar (Director)

The social media platforms which are mainly used:

Apart from that we can use other social platforms as per business requirements.

What we do in Facebook

Content Management

Content Planning

Reaching To Target Audience

Facebook Ad To Reach Larger Audience

What we do in Youtube

Professional YT Channel Management

YT Partner Channel Management

Adwords & Adsense Management

Reaching Larger Audience By Tagging Properly

Our Services: Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy, Planning, Content management , Identifying target audience to generate business
  • Budget management and controlling
  • Revenue Generating through Social Media and Website
  • Media Planning and Execution in Bengal
  • Celebrity Management

Our Projects Films

Our Clients (Companies)

Our Projects TV Serials

Our Clients (Celebrities)

Our Projects Brand

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